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  • Understanding Autism and Treatments
    Autism is a spectrum disorder characterized by difficulties in three primary areas: communication, social interaction and repetitive behavior. Early treatment can help your child make remarkable progress. The sooner you start the better since the early years are among the most important in a child’s development.

  • Education
    As your child starts school you will have many questions. This section on Education was compiled to help you navigate the special education.

  • Family Supports
    There are no simple answers to raising a child with an ASD, but there are many resources to help you. Although no one can predict the future for any child, the future is much brighter for children diagnosed today than they were even a decade ago.

  • Transitioning to Adulthood
    Transitioning to adulthood is not a journey that happens overnight or in isolation, but it will happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Our groundbreaking manual provides concise insight, clear information and guidance on the transition from living with autism as a child into adulthood.

  • Financial/insurance
    Did you know that many states in the U.S., including Massachusetts, have enacted new laws to ensure that people with autism have insurance coverage so they can access medical treatment and the services they need?

  • Resource Database
    This database lists hundreds of resources and service providers for families and clinicians in the New England area so that you can find the services your family needs.

Together we can make a difference!

Join us as a Family Partner and become part of our support and research networks. Using our resources, you can benefit from the many programs and services that are available to help your child. And, your participation will help researchers and doctors to work toward better and more targeted treatments. Join us and become a Family Partner.

Family Partner Benefits

  • Become part of a larger community
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  • Data Available
    The Autism Consortium is committed to sharing our extensive collection of data and samples for research on autism spectrum disorders. Clinical data, phenotyping data, and biomaterials are available for distribution.
  • Member Research
    Members of the Autism Consortium have many ongoing studies on autism spectrum disorders and related conditions within their own laboratories and clinics. Learn more about their research here.
  • Research Collaborations
    By providing a framework for regular meetings and discussion among groups of scientists and clinicians we have been able to facilitate researchers coming together to discuss their work in autism, share knowledge and ideas to improve care and treatment, and plan for new research.

Collaboration is Key

Scientific collaboration accelerates research progress. Researchers and clinicians from 17 Boston-area institutions have joined the Autism Consortium to accelerate research to understand Autism. With this extraordinary collaboration, our mutual goal is to rapidly understand ASDs and develop new treatments. Join us and become a Research Partner.

Research Partner Benefits

  • Access to the Autism Consortium collection of data and samples
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