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We have written and published two manuals designed to help families navigate the often complicated process of raising a child who is on the spectrum.

The first publication is the Parent Information Packet (PIP).  It is a guide for families that have recently received the diagnosis. The PIP includes information about available services, treatments, legislation, insurance, educational options and a list of valuable resources. The PIP is available to download in English, Chinese, Portugese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Hatian-Creole.

The second publication is the Transitioning Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Resources and Timeline Planning for Adult Living.  This manual provides information about the important steps needed to help your teen as they become an adult.  It includes information on high school, guardianship, living skills, employment, healthcare, housing and more.

Both of these guides are available for download here, on our Family Partner page, or you can explore their content interactively in our Families section. We hope you find these guides useful and informative now and throughout your journey.

Also, see some additional publications written by our Autism Resource Specialists.

  • Parent Information Packet

    When a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), parents often experience a range of emotions—from disbelief and confusion, to sadness and fear, to feeling overwhelmed and even feeling relieved that they finally know what’s going on. This is absolutely normal. All parents ask, “What do I do next?”  Although there is no simple answer to that question, it might be helpful for you to know that there are many promising advances in the treatment of children with ASDs, and that there are many resources to help you. Although no one can predict the future for any child—with or without a diagnosis of autism—the future is much brighter for children diagnosed today than they were even a decade ago.  The PIP was designed to help parents navigate the first years after diagnosis from understanding the diagnosis to starting school and getting insurance coverage.

    download the PIP.

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  • Transitioning Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    With promising scientific research underway on autism, and many resources readily available to families of younger children, there is a decided lack of clear information and guidance available on the transition to adult living. This manual is intended to fill the gap by providing concise insight on the key considerations and timeline for this part of the journey.

    download the transition manual.