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Resources and Events

The Autism Consortium has developed a comprehensive set of materials, including a listing of resources and providers, links to seminars and events, and an extensive literature compilation for families and clinicians to learn more about autism and take action.  Whatever else you might learn from these materials, always remember that you are not alone. There are many professionals working hard to find the causes, new and more effective treatments, and resources for families like yours.

Manuals for children and young adults with autism

We have published two manuals designed to help families navigate the often complicated process of raising a child who is on the spectrum.

  • The Parent Information Packet, or PIP, guides families through the early years after diagnosis (including guidance on school and insurance).  This is offered in several languages.
  • The Transition Guide offers insight and resources for a child's transition to adult life.

The manuals are free.


Boy peering through windowThis database lists hundreds of resources and service providers for families and clinicians in the New England area so that you can find the services your family needs.



The Autism Consortium eNewsletter will keep you informed and up-to-date on new scientific developments, information on the latest research studies, important news, and timely events.

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We maintain a list of events, and seminars that are open to families and researchers interested in learning more about recent developments in research and clinical care for ASD's.

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We have curated a list of valuable books on relevant topics that can help you learn more about meeting the challenges of autism.

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Helpful Organizations

Our Autism Resource Specialists have compiled a list of organizations that provide resources to families.


Quick Links

Discover helpful, local resources which include tips for school, health care, and community programs.