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Researchers and Clinicians

The Consortium includes over 100 scientists, clinicians and other providers who are engaged in an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional model of collaboration.  Their shared purpose is to support common research protocols, eliminate duplication of research efforts, establish research and clinical priorities to improve care, and enroll more families and patients into research projects - all with a full commitment to open data-sharing and mutual trust.

Together we are working to integrate cutting edge science and leading clinical medicine, with access to a large, invested patient and family population across multiple clinical sites. This is critical to solving the full complexity of this disorder. We actively promote teamwork and collaboration across disciplines and institutions through trust, sharing and cooperation in data collection, and communication. We endeavor to see our discoveries translated into improved treatments for children with autism in the very near future.

Collaboration must become the norm rather than the exception if solutions to the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases are to be accelerated. Unraveling this complex disease requires researchers who represent a broad spectrum of research interests, from genetics to neuroimaging. It also requires talented clinicians who see patients regularly and can make on-the-spot connections between symptoms and relevant scientific data who can encourage their patients to enroll in groundbreaking research studies.