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January 14, 2015
Nutrition research study looking for children with intellectual/developmental delays ages 3-8

Dr. Linda Bandini

Tags: Under 5; 5 to 10; Shriver Center, UMass Medical

Location: UMass Medical School/ E.K. Shriver Center

The purpose of the Children’s Mealtime Study is to learn about the eating patterns, mealtime behaviors, and parent feeding practices of children ages 3-8 years who are either typically developing or have an intellectual/developmental delay. 

The study involves one 2-3 hour visit at a UMass Medical School-affiliated site and parents complete a 3-day food record at home.  During the visit children and parents are weighed and measured and parents complete a series of questionnaires on child eating patterns, behaviors, and their own feeding practices.  Parents also receive training on keeping a food record at home to record what their child eats over three days.   Children with intellectual/developmental delays will receive cognitive testing and parents will answer additional questions about children’s developmental, adaptive, and social behavior.

Parents will receive up to $85 compensation in the form of a gift cards; children will receive a $15 gift card for their participation.

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Amanda on January 05, 2014

I have 6 children 4 of them have autism my first child is normal the next four have all been diagnosed with Asd my youngest is 8 months so she has not been tested yet . I have stargardts disease I think the rare dominant form and I also have had toxoplasmosis for almost 10 years now I contracted it after my first child but before any of the others were born. T gondii is known to have serious neurological effects. I am looking for trials testing and studies please contact me at 19202273656 if you are interested in my family