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Research Studies

There are many opportunities for families to participate in autism research. You can join a clinical trial, enroll in a research study, or participate online by adding your family information to a research database. 90% of children with cancer are enrolled in clinical trials, but only 5% of children with autism currently participate in research. Your participation will make a big difference.

Listed here are many opportunities to get involved in research in the New England area.  Read about the studies here, contact researchers directly with questions or for more information, subscribe to get updates on any or all of the studies.


April 1, 2015
Facial expressions and eye gaze by adolescents with high-functioning autism

Ruth Grossman, Ph.D.

Location: Emerson College

Researchers at Emerson College are looking for typical children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) ages 10-16 to participate in research about how children with and without ASD interpret and produce emotion in facial expressions and tone of voice during daily conversations. Children will watch images or videos on a computer screen... Read more


Tags: 10 to 18; Cognition and Behavior;

February 11, 2015
Development of a Home-Based System for Biobehavioral Recording of Individuals with Autism

Matthew Goodwin, PhD

Location: Boston Area, in home

Researchers at Northeastern University and the Georgia Institute of Technology are looking for families that include a child on the autism spectrum to take part in an in-home research study. This study will entail a research team installing video cameras in 1-2 rooms of your house for a period of up to one month. Video sessions will be recorded... Read more


Tags: Under 5; 5 to 10; 10 to 18; Cognition and Behavior;

February 3, 2015
GAMES Project (Gaming for Autism to Mold Executive Skills)

Susan Faja, PhD

Location: Boston Children's Hospital

In the Faja lab we are testing new computer games to improve executive functioning in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  So far, there have only been two published studies using interventions to improve executive functioning skills in children with ASD. In the GAMES Project, we will test whether computer games that have improved... Read more


Tags: 5 to 10; 10 to 18; Boston Children's Hospital; Brain imaging studies;

January 14, 2015
Nutrition research study looking for children with intellectual/developmental delays ages 3-8

Dr. Linda Bandini

Location: UMass Medical School/ E.K. Shriver Center

The purpose of the Children’s Mealtime Study is to learn about the eating patterns, mealtime behaviors, and parent feeding practices of children ages 3-8 years who are either typically developing or have an intellectual/developmental delay. 

The study involves one 2-3 hour visit at a UMass Medical School-affiliated site and parents complete a... Read more


Tags: Under 5; 5 to 10; Shriver Center, UMass Medical;

January 7, 2015
Investigations of Brain Plasticity in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD

Location: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

We are currently seeking participants for a brain research study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

The main purpose of this study is to compare brain plasticity between people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), people who are intellectually disabled and people who have typical intellectual function. Research suggests that during... Read more


Tags: Over 18; Brain imaging studies;

January 7, 2015
A Study to Assess the Janssen Autism Knowledge Engine in Children with Autism

Seth Ness, MD (Janssen) Matthew Goodwin, PhD (Northeastern)

Location: Northeastern University

The main goal of this study is to evaluate the usability of the JAKE as a system to monitor clinical outcomes in ASD.

Doctor Goodwin is doing this study for the sponsor. An independent ethics committee or institutional review board has approved the study.

About 80 patients ages 3 through adult will take part in this US study.

  1. An interface to... Read more

Tags: Under 5; 5 to 10; 10 to 18; Over 18; Treatment;

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