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Welcome, families

As a parent or caregiver of a young person with autism, you are among the growing number of families who are working hard to meet the daily challenges of coping with this diagnosis. Your role requires that you exercise courage, initiative, tenacity and focus to find and secure the appropriate resources for your child and your family. We are here to help.

Our dedicated team of autism resource specialists, working in major hospital clinics in Massachusetts, has developed a comprehensive set of resources so that you can learn about autism, and plan the steps that will encourage your child’s growth and development. We hope the information on these pages  will help you benefit from their years of experience and the wisdom they have gained working with area families. Most of the information presented in the Families section is also available for download in the form of our Patient Information Packet and our Transition guide.

We want you to feel part of our Autism Consortium community—a network that includes clinicians, specialists who are supporting children with this diagnosis, and scientists who have promising research underway. The Consortium includes some of the premier hospitals and educational institutions that continue to attract doctors and researchers to the field of autism. Our members are committed to collaborating across their disciplines and institutions in order to improve treatment and understanding of autism. A core belief held by these professionals is that children with autism have the potential to lead productive and happy lives. We want that for all children.

We hope you’ll visit our website often and share it with your friends and family members. Most of all, we hope you will find it helpful.